A Complete Guide to Spring Tree Care

By: albertaarb - April 10, 2018

Different trees in different regions are at risk of different pests, something to consider in your spring tree care.

Spring Is Here


Part of taking proper care of your trees is doing the job year-round, not just when things are getting rough or when things are easy. On paper, spring sounds like the easy part, but you want to be thorough and check out this spring tree care checklist in order to raise your chances of success.

Post-Winter Prep

In general, the first step to spring tree care is a lot like adjusting your house during the spring: cleaning. Start by getting rid of any old holiday decorations and winter wraps that you have on your trees, as these may impede spring growth otherwise. One unsung factor regarding trees during the winter is that a lot of debris tends to gather under them during this time. This can include twigs, leaves, or fallen fruits. If your trees are at a high risk of fungal infection, it’s important to clear the area as soon as possible.

As a note, winter is generally the best time to prune a tree, but spring makes a good time to get rid of any dead branches. This is because once leaves start to unfurl, it’s obvious what branches are and aren’t dead.

Mind The Pests

After taking care of your tree’s appearance, you want to take care of its health with a quick inspection. This includes looking for signs of damage from animals as well as the presence of tree pests. Different areas are subject to different pests-if you aren’t sure what you’re dealing with, reach out to professional tree services for help.

Future Problems?

When spring rolls around, it’s important that you start instituting a proper tree care regimen as soon as possible to avoid any future problems. This includes adding a layer of mulch, especially for trees under 10 years old. Make sure you don’t put it up against the trunk directly, though. For watering, you want to wait until the soil thaws, or else you will just generate excess runoff. If you are in an area where deicing materials were used during the winter, you want that first spring water to be a deep one. It’s also a good idea to look over your sprinkler system if you use one, checking for clogs, leaks, or puddling around trees.

If you’re not ready, or need some help managing your tree care when spring rolls around, a professional tree service can make the difference.

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