Best Trees To Plant On Slopes

By: albertaarb - March 12, 2018

Planting trees on slopes is practical and aesthetically pleasing.


What Trees Work Best For Slopes?


Planting on slopes tends to cause a bit of an issue when it comes to regular maintenance. You may find mowing or trimming becomes a lot more difficult. In addition, you may not see the results from watering your plants that you may like. You can a do a lot more to improve your chances of success by selecting certain plants and trees that are a natural fit for slopes.

Why Plant Trees On Slopes?

Some may ask whether it is worth the effort to find a slope-friendly tree, and there are plenty of reasons why it is. For one, some people may live on a hill or hilly area. In this case, there’s literally no option but to find trees that work. There are also aesthetic reasons. A tree-covered hillside is a sight to behold.

Erosion may be the biggest reason why people look to plant trees on a hill, though. When rain falls on a steep hill, it tends to wash soil towards the bottom. This is called soil erosion. Over time, this can impact your yard or space by creating gullies and uprooting plants. One of the major ways you can fight soil erosion is through clever landscaping, and planting trees is a great option. These trees will soak up the water on the slope rather than allowing it to drag topsoil to the bottom.

What Trees Work Best?

Not all trees are created equal for these purposes. Coniferous trees may be the standout due to their potential size. Most large trees aren’t suitable for slopes, but these can be an exception. The Douglas fir, Monterey pine, and Blue Point juniper are all great evergreen options.

If you live in a hot area, you may want to find trees that provide some shade. Potential winning options here include the classic sugar maple or the red alder tree. As a general rule of thumb, you want to pick moderately sized trees that are inherently hardy. Growing on a slope can be harder than flat ground, and more sensitive trees may not do well.

Hedging Your Bets

You may want to combine your trees with other plants and landscaping techniques to avoid erosion and beautify the area. Depending on how steep the slope is, you may need multiple options. One is a retaining wall that holds terraced gardens. If you don’t have the time or funding, a simpler solution is to use mulch. Mulch can protect soil and provide more surface area, but this only works on moderate slopes.



[Call-to-Action] If you need to fight erosion, make sure you have the right trees for slopes. A professional tree service can provide advice.

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