My Tree is Dying: How Do I Save It?

By: albertaarb - March 15, 2018

Dying Tree Leaves


Keep Your Tree Alive With These Tips


A dead tree can be a headache in more ways than one. Not only do you have something with a poor visual appeal on your lawn or grounds, but you may also have a safety issue on your hands. Dead trees are more likely to break or fall under heavy pressure or the elements, potentially causing injury. Even when you get it removed, you’re incurring further expenses for the removal itself and the cost of the replacement tree. For all these reasons, it’s important to know how to handle a tree when it’s dying and nurse it back to health.

Warning Signs

The best thing you can do is be proactive, and keep a sharp eye out for potential signs of a dying tree. Here are some you are likely to encounter.

Decay: Tree decay is difficult to pin down, as it generally starts from the inside out. Soft wood, an expanded base, and dead branches are all signs.

Fungi: Certain strains of tree fungi are very contagious, and getting rid of them once they pop up is a thorough process. If you notice fungi on your trees, determine if the species can be fatal. If so, investing in fungicide right away will help your tree’s chance of survival.

Signs of damage: Cracks in your tree, weak joints, cankers—if you see a lot of these together, your tree may be in decline.

Lack of leaves: If you notice that one tree’s leaves are dwindling while the ones around it aren’t, it’s a safe bet that it is dealing with some sort of health issue.

Handling Diseases

How to save a dying tree is a question with multiple answers, depending on the root cause. One common issue is the wide array of tree diseases out there. An arborist, or tree doctor, will be an important help when it comes to diagnosing the disease and planning a solution. Equally important is preventing the conditions that lead to diseases in the first place.

Proper Nourishment

These include being careful when you work around your tree. A tree wound isn’t much different than a human wound in that they leave the body open for infection. However, trees don’t have the means to protect themselves like we do. Another thing to do is mind how you water your tree. Many health issues are caused by not watering your trees enough or watering them too much.

Similar issues can be caused by mulch. Mulch is important for trees, but putting too much of it too close to the tree can lead to problems. In addition, if you are making your own organic mulch, make sure you aren’t using diseased plant materials.

If a tree is already dying, you need to act fast. A professional tree service can spring into action right away.

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